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Terry’s is a family run business grown from the ground up in Birmingham and we’ve been alongside them on their journey from day one. With so much local and national competition, competing on price was not an option, so by listening to customer feedback, we pulled out key differentiators that we could expand on. These insights lead to the phrase ‘Moving Memories’. Working inside someone’s home, amongst all their personal possessions requires care and thoughtfulness because every item holds a memory.

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  • Brand Strategy & Identity
  • Website Strategy & Design
  • Photography
  • Printed Marketing
  • Uniforms
  • Stationary
E-commerce Website Strategy & Design

Our vision for Terry’s website was to maintain a friendly and helpful nature, providing prospective customers with all the information they’ll need to make a confident and well informed buying decision. A high proportion of their customers are families, so we focused our efforts on catering to their needs by creating blog articles and printable resources, bespoke photography showing real family moves and external marketing tools geared towards keeping the kids occupied on the big day. As families are often short of time, Terry’s wanted to make the jump into the world of eCommerce and sell packing materials online, making it really easy to tick a task off their moving checklist list!